Why I Stopped Using Body Lotion – Why Wednesday

Our culture is obsessed with looking good and smelling good, which seems to be perhaps an understatement.

As per the media, part of “looking good” is having “nice” skin. There is a fine balance between “hydrated” and “oily”. And “dry” is not cute (though nor is “oily”). When it comes to skin, better to be too oily than too dry, in my opinion. Dry can cause a lot of lasting damage whereas oily skin (sans acne, a different topic) seems to not be as damaging – though this is my personal experience. My skin is combination – some parts are dry where as others are oily. The oilier parts seem to be looking better than the dry parts – just saying. If you’re looking a bit too slick – my go to trick is to use an oil removing paper – 30 seconds and you’re business (I use Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens. I’ve had the same package for legit 2 years. Definitely worth the 13$ investment in my opinion.) I mostly use these on my face, but it is worth mentioning.

I don’t mess with these companies/products for the following reasons (Keep in mind, I will be travelling this year):

  • I don’t like depending on one product. It’s easy to include coconut oil whilst travelling because it has a whole bunch of uses –  but a lot harder to justify one large bottle of lotion that only has one use.
  • Chemicals/Questionable ingredients
  • Animal cruelty
  • Human abuse/slavery
  • Ease of access (L’Oréal probably isn’t readily available everwhere)
  • Overall cost
  • The list goes on…

It is also important to note that there are plenty of companies out there that look to take advantage of people’s skin woes, and have plenty of products “designed” to cure all types of skin ailments. Acne, Dry skin, Oily Skin, etc. Perfection is but a bottle away! (At least as far as they are concerned.)
I’ve got some great news – you never have to spend money on that bs again! The other news – in order to get the most benefit out of this advice, your diet can’t be complete shit. Part of regulating your skin is feeding your body with the stuff it needs to function correctly and efficiently. I’m not saying you can never eat pizza again, but it’s something that needs to be done in moderation. That being said, don’t be surprised if your skin is off based on the fact you’ve been eating cookies all week. Your body requires vitamins, minerals, and nourishment. We’re talking greens, vegetables, fruits and what-nots.  Treat your body with the respect that it deserves.

Your body is designed to take care of itself. With some patience, practice and fails, you will be able to free up your wallet and help your body do what it is designed to do with a few ingredients that are safe, and are probably on-hand (if not, the ingredients can be acquired for under 20$), which last for at least a couple of months.

This post from here discusses strictly the body. My face care does not relate to this post, and will be discussed at a later date.

I mentioned patience earlier for the following reason. Not everyone’s skin is the same. Something that may be light on my skin might be heavier for you, and in turn, may work great for me, but not work for you.

A perfect (and true) example – I use coconut oil for my body and it “sinks in” fairly quickly. I tried to convince my fiancé to do the same, and it barely moisturized his body, left dry spots, and took a long time to “sink in”. He was starting to get fed up, and even bought this vaseline garbage as he was getting tired of feeling dry. As a last ditch effort, I offered up my avocado oil (which on me is far too heavy, and leaves me with legit grease), and it works great for him (so far!).

In order to be successful in knowing what works for you, you’ll want to determine your skin type. I’ve got a great quiz on my page “Treat It”. Give it a try and see what happens!
From there, I would highly recommend just googling “Carrier oils for _______ skin type” (blank = oily, mature, dry, combination, etc.)

I use coconut oil. Lucky for me, it is very versatile (can also be used for cooking, massage, and much more!). Remember that your oil’s cost can be split into other uses. (Ex. Avocado oil can be used as a salad dressing additive, jojoba oil can be used as an aftershave, Sweet Almond oil can be used as part of a hair treatment, etc.) Google is a real asset – but ensure you find the same info on at least a few sources (my rule of thumb).

It is very important to be patient. You may find that a certain oil/essential oil may not jive with you initially. It can take up to a month for your skin to adjust to what you’re providing. This can be sped up with lots of water and a good diet (the cleaner, the better!)

A great resource (via happyhealthynourished.com)

Before we go further, I must define – 1 knuckle = about 1 inch, from the top of your finger to the first “line” on your finger. 2 “knuckes” = to the second line on your finger.

Now to the recipe/what I do

  • It is important to note that consuming enough water is ESSENTIAL. Being hydrated from within is a must to healthy skin.
  • Shower as you usually do. (ideally not with a bunch of chemicals! 😉 )
  • Get out of the shower and dry off.
  • When your hands are dry, grab some of the oil into your palm. I use coconut oil, which is somewhat solid. I grab a medium sized handful and put it on the lid of the jar.
  • For my chest and lady parts, I use just straight coconut oil, about 1 “inch” worth (approx 1 knuckle lengths worth, 1 knuckle in width.)
  • I use essential oils for rest of my body, though this isn’t required. My arm pits and various other places I find that break outs form are the target of the following.
    Grab about a couple of “inches” worth of coconut oil (approx 2 knuckles, 2 knucle in width worth), and mix it with approx 1-2 drops of tea tree oil together in your palm, and then apply immediately.
    I sit a lot at work, so I try to help my skin deal with that problem.
  • For the rest of my body, use whatever feels right. Sometimes I use ylang ylang and orange, other times lemon and orange. Tea Tree and Lemon is also a nice smell. The list goes on….
    It’s an experimental thing, but just go with what smells nice to you. I never use more than two drops of a single essential oil (but a max of 4 drops of all things, total) (not including the other tea tree and coconut oil you applied).
    Past two drops for one oil, you’re asking for trouble. (Example – if you like the smell of cloves and you use like 4-5 drops of clove essential oil with coconut oil, you may find parts of your body feeling numb/awkward. Clove essential oils are used for pain treatment and a numbing agent.) A word to the wise: Learn about what essential oils do what before you liberally slather them on your body. Don’t assume you know everything, and prepare to suffer the consequences if you mess up. Just like any other “medicinal” agent – the dosage depends on the person. The good news is is they certainly are not as dangerous (in small doses of course) as many other substances, but regardless, don’t be a fool!
  • Be patient, and be prepared to massage yourself. This isn’t Vaseline 30 second absorbtion. Who can complain about a massage though? 😉
  • Enjoy your body without harsh chemicals and questionable ingredients. With plenty of hydration and love, your skin’s true self may surprise you!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Tomorrow’s post is going to be a delicious one – so stay posted! 😀

What chu think?