#TBT – A weekly playlist – 2001

Aye it’s week 3! Let’s see!
I already have a monthly playlist on the go to promote what I’m jamming to on a monthly basis. But it’s NOT ENOUGH. Music is such a huge part of my life that I felt I needed to share more.

For those of you that aren’t aware of the #TBT situation – we’re talking throwback Thursday. We’re taking it way back. At least 10 years old. ( At the time of this post, we’re talking no newer than 2006!)

Which by the way, freaks me right out. In 2006, I was graduating grade 11, working in Edmonton over the summer, and started grade 12. For some of you, I’m sure you’re chuckling, but I can only say how what I am experiencing.

For each year I feature as a throwback, I will feature the same amount of tracks as my age that year. That being said, some years I will need to double my age (ie. 1995 I was six, and I don’t think it’s fair to only feature six tracks!)
Away we go!

This week – It’s 2001. I’ve decided to go up by two years each week, then I’ll work my way back on the even numbers. 😉

A snapshot of Sam at 12 years old:

  • Competing in pageants again.
  • In grade 6/7.
  • My sister’s dad and my mom had already separated.
  • I already had eating disorder problems.
  • Boy crazy x 1000000
  • Took Accutane.
  • I frequented the Wish dances, a monthly teen dance at a local community center.
  • Created a note book for myself and my friends to pass notes back and forth in class. I still have the book, and its shady as hell!
  • I also created a comic of myself and my friends in a girl band.
  • Had reasonable music taste for the most part – though I have sifted out a lot of trash. I am aware some of these songs are trash – but you can’t deny they fit the time! 😀

The playlist – 2001, I was 12.

  1. Hanging By A Moment – Lifehouse
  2. I’m Real – Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule
  3. Let me blow ya mind – Eve ft. Gwen Stefani
  4. Stutter – Joe ft. Mystikal
  5. Peaches & Cream – 112
  6. Love Don’t Cost A thing – Jennifer Lopez
  7. Family Affair – Mary J Blige
  8. Case of the ex – Mya
  9. The Way You Love Me – Faith Hill
  10. I Just Wanna Love You – Jay-Z
  11. Southern Hospitality – Ludacris
  12. Livin it up – Ja Rule ft. Case
  13. Ride wit me – Nelly
  14. Uh Huh – B2k
  15. He Loves U Not – Dream
  16. What would you do? – City High
  17. Crazy – K Ci & Jo-Jo
  18. Survivor – Destiny’s Child
  19. Where the party at? – Jagged Edge
  20. Get Ur Freak On – Missy Elliot
  21. Fill Me in – Craig David
  22. Differences – Ginuwine
  23. Superwoman pt 2 – Lil Mo
  24. So fresh, so clean – Outkast

Honorable Mentions (Because 24 wasn’t enough!)

What chu think?