Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza – Tue-Review

I told you last week I was on a quest to find the best vegan pizza. (That wasn’t a game!) This week, I bring you the Tofurky Pepperoni pizza.


  • Reasonably priced as far as vegan pizzas go (approx 11$)
  • Delish!
  • Easy to cook (10-15 min in the oven and done)
  • A substantial amount of toppings. I was satisfied eating half the pizza
    plus a side.
  • Easy to cut (before eating)
  • Ingredients list is fairly easy to read.
  • My fiancé’s favorite!


  • Not a gluten free option.
  • Though most of the ingredients are easily identifiable,
    there are a lot!
  • Contains soy (for those of you that aren’t about that soy life)

Verdict: 4.75 stars! Super delicious – and my fiancé’s favorite! I would say in my mind, this pizza comes second to Daiya’s Margherita option.
#Realtalk – vegan pizza is not healthy – ie. vegan does NOT equate to healthy – I certainly wouldn’t recommend eating this stuff  every day – half the pizza is approximately 405 calories – not terrible, but not the best nutritionally either.

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