Why I don’t wash my face – Why Wednesdays

Before I get into it – just a heads up – this is not the gospel. It’s what is working for me for the past while. šŸ™‚

As you may have read from previous posts, my skin has been a battle since I was around 10 years old.Ā My skin is naturally quite oily, though I do get some dry spots.
I went to the doctor countless times times, took AccutaneĀ three seperate occassions, got injected in specific face spots to clear it up, took multiple medicated creams, tried Proactiv, Aloe vera gel, many SephoraĀ purchases, and the list goes on.

Once I went vegan, I tried to make my own face cleansers with essential oils, continued my hunt at Sephora, and eventually moved to a bar of soap. It’s a great product that I still use on my body – the brand I am unsure of, but it’s called “Gardener’s Hemp”.

I watched a girl on youtube called “Meowjuana” explain how she followed the “caveman regimen”, which basically meant (with a bit of research), to not wash your face. I did not purchase the full book, or do a boat load of research, but I got the just of it thanks to google. Think of it this way – cave people did not have access to fancy soaps, cleansers, etc. Our skin is self regulating, if we allow it to be!

I don’t wear make-up often (the only time these days is if my best friend is using me as a model – ps. Check out her youtube page for tutorials, etc.!), so it was easy to rationalize not washing my face.

Plus, I figured, I am going on a big trip this year, and the less cosmetics I have to pack, the better. I started about 4-6 months ago so that I ensured my skin would have more than enough time to get ugly and react.

One day, I just stopped. I washed my face with soap for the last time, patted it dry, and the rest was history.

My regimen

  • I don’t often put anything on my face. Not water, not any products, NOTHING. If I’ve been drinking, I find oil likes to sit on top of my skin, so I use Boscia Green Tea linens to blot my face.
  • Every week or two, I exfoliate my face in the shower with water, but that is it.
  • If I have makeup on – I use coconut oil to get most of it off, plus an eye makeup remover to get the extra stuff around my eyes off.
  • Every couple of weeks, I use an exfoliating mitt I have in the shower on my face for approximately a minute. I first wash the mitt with soap, then rinse until the water runs clear. In small circles, I exfoliate my forehead, cheeks, chin, t-zone, etc. I then rinse my face until my skin feels smooth.
  • I never “rub” my face, but pat it dry.Why this works for me 
  • It’s low maintenance. Sometimes before bed, I just want to pass out. This makes getting to bed much easier.
  • I change my pillowcase once a week.
  • My diet is fairly clean.
  • I try not to pick at my face. (The less picking the better!)
  • I don’t worry if I have a breakout or two. This skin regimen is not for those that desire 100% perfect skinĀ unless you’re willing to have a 100% clean diet to match. You are what you eat!
  • I barely wear make-up. (We’re talking once every couple of weeks max, and if I’m not helping my friend out, never!)

Have you ever tried the caveman regimen? Would you ever try it? Comment below and let me know what you think! šŸ™‚


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