Welcome to the fourth part in a series of posts titled “De-Clutter Your Life”.

But it’s this is not just a series, it’s a challenge!

It’s not your typical instagram or squat challenge either, though it might require some interesting techniques/thoughts to get things done. 😉

I will be posting a new challenge every Friday. Though the other weeks should have taken about an hour, this one may take a bit longer due to having to depend on others.

But! It is definitely a worth while challenge – and some things in life worth doing take longer than an hour. 😀

If you took part in last week’s challenge, I hope you found something new, and that your daily routine is easier.
If you’ve been taking part in all challenges thus far, I hope your life is feeling a bit less cluttered, and more focused. (I know mine is!)

This week it’s all about physical clutter. Some call it entertainment, others call it potential poison (a bold claim perhaps), but today I will discuss how to de-clutter your entertainment/multimedia collection. I’m talking cds, dvds, blu-ray discs, video games, video game systems, all of it!

Now Let’s De-clutter Our…Multimedia Collection! 

First things first, take everything off of the shelves and clean up the dirt and dust!

Next, start four piles:

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Keep
  • Trash
Ask yourself some questions (and be honest with yourself):

  • Have I watched/listened to/played this in the past 6 months? (ie. if you haven’t played rock band in over a year, do you really still need all of the pieces?)
  • Is this meaningful to me? For valid reasons?
  • Am I keeping this so that I have a full collection? (ie. do you really need all 15 seasons of ER on DVD, when you don’t have a DVD player?)
  • Do I intend to ever use this again? (If the answer is no to this, the answer is definitely not keep).
Some ideas to consider for those “on the fence” items:

  • If you like the item, but are unsure whether or not to keep the physical copy, consider uploading it to your computer (or even better, external hard drive)
  • If you give it to someone, you could always borrow it.
  • Realize you might have to make a fifth pile for “think about it” (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). We humans create memories and sometimes attach them to various things, some including various multimedia avenues (ie. we watched this movie on our first date [but haven’t since], this album reminds me of ____________ [and I’m not sure how I feel about them], my sister and I used to play this game [but haven’t played in years and that was when you lived with your parents], etc.) By the way, if your thought process was similar to any of those statements while considering, it’s probably best you don’t have the item anymore…
    You may have to take a bit of time to remind yourself that memories are yours, and do not belong to a specific piece of multimedia, place, etc. An example, if you travel somewhere for a week, and when you return, lose all documentation that you were ever there, did you still go? 😉

Now what?
Once everything has been sorted into the four piles, let’s get to steppin’!

For the Sell Pile: (Do this one first!)

  • Reach out to local used multimedia sellers (eb games, used book stores, etc.)
  • Sell them on amazon, ebay, etc.

I would recommend taking action on the sell pile first for the following reason. Usually after a few local resellers pick through my pile, my sell pile still has a few items. Unless I am adamant to sell the particular item, I will typically move the remaining items to the donation pile.

For the donate pile: 

  • Ask friends if they would be interested in any of the items in the pile, but also give a deadline. You don’t want to hold an item for someone and it takes them a year to pick it up.
  • Donate to a local charity/not-for-profit that accepts multimedia.

For the keep pile:

  • If you deemed it worthy, put it back on the shelf! 🙂

For the trash pile: 

  • I think that is pretty straightforward… 😉

Potential added benefits:

  • Knowing your item went to help someone else who will really enjoy it (donation, giving to a friend, etc.)
  • Potential source of money (for savings or whatever else)
  • More space

Just a heads up – I will not be taking part in this challenge for the following reason. I have already done this twice in the past twelve months. Though I still have some things to get rid of, it is not the right time for me to do so. I’ll keep ya posted when it is (the right time). 😉

Originally posted January 22/16.

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